Studio Ten

Rob Tilley is a ghostbuster with a claimed 85 per cent success rate. He joins us along with neuroscientist Dr Vladimir Dubaj to discuss ghosts and the paranormal. Click here for video.

Andrea Perron was interviewed on as a prelude to the Australian Ghostbusters conferene. Click here to watch.


Welcome to the world of the paranormal, as four real-life Ghostbusters and one Parapsychologist invite you on a 3 day journey to experience a glimpse of their world. They will be present at all the activities during the 3 days, sharing their personal experiences, real-life Australian case studies and expertise in the subject of ghosts, poltergeists, entity attachments, possessions, unexplained disturbances and haunted places. Click here for video.

HeralD Sun

Aaron Langmaid interviews Dr Vladimir Dubaj and Brett Farrell. Click here to read.

Sarah Marinos interviews Joyce Bok. Click here to read.