The real ghostbusters of australia
Friday 24 to sunday 26 may, 2019

Abbotsford Convent
Community Hall
1 St Heliers St. Abbotsford, Victoria



Special Guest: Andrea Perron (The Conjuring; House of light, house of darkness), will be joining us at the conference online for Q & A!

You’ve seen the Ghostbusters movie, maybe even The Real Ghostbusters series, but have you ever wondered if real, true-to-life ghostbusters exist? ... And do they do real-life-ghost-busting and hauntings?... And do they really get rid of the real-life ghosts and hauntings? 

Well, wonder no further because they do exist, right here in Australia, and there are many people in need of their service...because when you are disturbed by persistent, unexplained strange activity... who are you going to call?

Or perhaps you are an established ghostbuster yourself and would like to network, share techniques and mentor with others in the same field? It can be an isolating job. Therefore, having support and professional development with those in the field can greatly benefit you and your practice.

Or you may have a deep interest in the paranormal. You could be studying and investigating this field in the search for the true nature of this phenomena. 

Well, look no further…

Buzzing at the forefront, we are proud to present to you, the very first Ghostbusters Conference, featuring a panel of 5 ghostbusters or in a related field from 3 different states, who will avail themselves to all the questions you want to ask. 

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