Melbourne Ghostbuster, inundated with ghost clearing requests.

The subject of ghosts is a universal theme, found in cultures around the world.  It is also timeless, appearing in historical reports and folklore.  Today, the ghost theme is still alive and well, with representation in personal accounts, mass sightings, literature and the media.  The popular Ghostbusters movie brought to light the concept of ghost-clearing services as a profession.  On a serious side, do these services exist and do people do this as a career? 

Meet Melbourne Ghostbuster, Brett Farrell, who had been removing entity attachments from individuals on the quiet.  Although he has a website, his clients were mainly referred to him through word of mouth.  Brett was seeing around 2 – 3 clients a week until recently, when he was invited on one of America’s biggest late night-radio show, Coast to Coast AM.  Interviewed by George Noory, the radio show has around 2.7 million listeners. 

Since then, Brett had received 102 requests for his services in 3 days.  Brett was so overwhelmed by this, that he had to put a pause on his services and create a waiting list.  Most of the requests came from the USA but there were some from Australia as well.  One of Brett’s satisfied client reported, “This is the first time in years I'm able to fall asleep without sleeping pills and I feel lighter. I finally feel like I can move forward in my life.” 


Another ghostbuster, Robb Tilley, from Sydney, stated that many of his clients wanted to remain anonymous and were afraid that he would turn up in a car with the word ‘Ghostbuster’ on it.  They were worried about what others would think of them to be requesting such a service.  Some of his clients were sceptics, until they experienced the haunting disturbances. 

It appears that people requesting these services are in fear of ridicule and being labelled as ‘crazy.’  Those providing this service are also labelled as ‘charlatans,’ and thus, they keep a low-key profile.  This poses a problem, as it only drives it underground.  A demand for these services indicates a need and a phenomenon worthy of attention and study. 

Perhaps little study has been done on this due to its non-physical nature.  Dr Vladimir Dubaj, a Neuroscientist, (Melbourne, VIC), stated “The scientific community pays little attention to the ghost and haunting phenomenon due to its unpredictable and spontaneous nature.” Nevertheless, a growing number from the scientific community who are interested in consciousness and the nature of reality are fascinated in this subject.  Dean Radin, a Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, said “..there’s a growing number of scientists in many domains, and philosophers who are beginning to suspect that there’s something about consciousness that might simply be woven into the fabric of reality.” (1)


More of this subject can be explored at The Real Ghostbusters of Australia conference.  The panel of speakers consists of Brett Farrell, Robb Tilley, Dr Vladimir Dubaj, Karen Scott and Johan Smit, who will talk openly about their experiences and findings of this intriguing paranormal phenomena.

 Reference:  1. Dean Radin (2018) ‘What is going OM on OMTimes Radio.’  Interview by Sandie Sedgbeer,


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia – 24th – 26th May 2019

·       Ghost sensing and busting demonstration (Friday night, 24th May)

·       Conference – All Day – Q & A - 5 speakers (Saturday, 25th May)

·       Networking with the speakers (Saturday night, 25th May)

·       Workshops by the speakers (Sunday, 26th May)